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Delhi pub bans person from entering their premises on account of being 'sweaty'

Photo source: Zomato

Photo source: Zomato

Well, so much for 'Atithi Devo Bhava'.

According to the review of Mr Sumit Pant, a resident of Michigan in USA, the staff at a Hauz Khas Village pub called “Lights Camera Action” did not allow him to enter the up on account of the fact that he ‘sweats a lot’.

While pubs and restaurants do reserve the right to allow and disallow people to be on their premises, this does seem to be a pretty weird reason to not let anyone enter. The pub allegedly banned him from entering because of aforementioned reason along with the fact that Mr Pant looks like 'a guy from Delhi-6 and may be dangerous’ and a 'drug addict'.

The review was left by Sumit Pant on the popular restaurant app Zomato. The full contents of the review are as follows:

So this is my first time in Delhi. I came across this place through my undergrad seniors who have been regular there. Gaining the insight about the awesome Bollywood music, we three batch-mates decided to have a small lil reunion at this place.

Day 1. Tried to talk with the bouncer and manager, they were cool enough to explain the problem with stags entering the place. Despised with our plan failing we left the place for another one.

Day 2. Now we know you need to have a girl along to get in, I called in my college friend. You don't find places with good Bollywood music every here and there (I hate the thumping and pumping EDM which makes no sense to me when you are hanging around with your college buddies) so decided to crash into LCA. The Bouncer allowed us inside and we did have a gala time, enjoying the food, drinks and the music. The service was good and the staff does its job of attending the guests well. It was one of my best experiences at any dance floor across India.

Day 3. High on reminiscence from our last weekend, we planned another trip to LCA. And I am stopped from getting in. And to my surprise I am told that I am BANNED from entering the place. I calmly asked the bouncer and manager what's wrong, and he gives an obtuse reason, "Sir, you sweat a lot". Growing up in Dehradun and Mussorie and currently residing in Michigan (US), I rarely have experienced such climate as Delhi. Humidity and Humiliation on the face.

To add to it the bouncer says I look like a drug addict high on weed. Stunned we left the place to get into another one.

Day 4. I never went there after that, but my friend who was along with me on Day 3 went for a party and chatted with the manager regarding why have you banned him? More surprise. The manager reveals that I look like a guy from Delhi-6 and he considers me dangerous. Well, it was indeed a "Today I learned" moment that Chandni Chowk is also called Delhi-6, and a mixed feeling arouse that barely a month and Delhi considers me one of their own. Though I am still confused if being from Delhi-6 is good or bad. :/

Rating :

Place : 7/10

Music : 9/10 (if you love Bollywood)

Staff : 0/10

Humiliation if you sweat : Over 9000

In the end I would like to thank you for.

1. Making my stance strong to never come back to India, especially Delhi.

2. Reminding me that despite how many posters and advertisement the Indian Government puts how to treat its guest, some people will never change.

3. Let me discover other awesome pubs around, which I would had strive for otherwise.

4. And clicking an awesome photograph of us and publishing it on Facebook. :)

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first published:August 11, 2015, 20:47 IST