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Delhi Resident Found a Roasted Fly in Her Biryani, Zomato Executive Asked Restaurant to Add One More

Image credits: Bhagyashree Singh / Facebook

Image credits: Bhagyashree Singh / Facebook

Oh, well.

Anurag Verma
  • Last Updated: August 14, 2018, 3:51 PM IST
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Zomato -- a restaurant search and discovery service -- has over the time built a reputation of adhering to its customers' demands and blending their ways to keep the hungry people happy.

Last month, Shadwal Srivastava, a Mumbai resident, decided to engage in a conversation with Zomato's customer care executive in shuddh Hindi. To his surprise, the official was a total sport. The resulting convo between the two turned out hilarious.

Twitter user @Vellawanti, a Delhi resident, however, wasn't pleased with her order because her Briyani had an extra 'topping'. So she decided to escalate the matter with the executive.

"Got the biryani delivered with an extra topping of dead roasted house fly. I am getting tired of the quality and service," she wrote.

Naturally, the executive promptly apologised and wanted to mend things with her. "Trust me I am here I will help you for sure and I will do everything to make the things right. Just allow me a moment to connect with the restaurant and I will get back to you with a update," responded the executive.

To her shock, the customer care responded to her query and said he had asked the restaurant to add the extra topping she hadn't asked for.

"I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add an extra topping of dead roasted house fly in your biryani."


The hilarious goof-up was later shared by her on her Twitter account @Vellawanti and everyone had a good laugh about it.

Zomato soon took notice of her tweet and reached out to her to fix things.

Taking it sportingly, she said it was an honest mistake and she had a good laugh about it.

To Zomato's credit, a couple of minutes after the faux pas, the customer care reached out to @Vellawanti on the same chat and apologised for misunderstanding her query (screenshot not attached).

Speaking to News18, she added that she likes the service and given how thin the margin of error is these days, she doesn't want the person to lose the job. "I like Zomato and the person was genuinely sorry. It was an honest mistake. I don’t want this person to be fired."

In the past, Zomato's customer care executives have made news for keeping things quirky and funny while chatting with its customers.

Last year, a Mumbai resident had used the service to order a cake and didn't leave a message to be written on it. This resulted in bakery ending up writing generic delivery instructions on the cake - "No garlic, food must be spicy."

After a few chuckles and explanation by Zomato, to make up for their error, the restaurant-aggregator decided to send another cake to Iyengar. Apologising to her, the cake read, "Sorry from Zomato, this cake is not spicy."

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