Desi Artist Puts a Hilarious Spin to Donald Trump's Presidential Debate Speech Calling India 'Filthy'

Mayur Jumani / YouTube.

Mayur Jumani / YouTube.

Artist Mayur Jumani recently dropped a groovy mix of Trump's Presidential debate speech over his YouTube page which he described as a tribute to the president that will be 'remembered by all'.


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Indians were up in arms when the US President Donald Trump called India "filthy" at the second and final presidential debate against his rival and fellow nominee Joe Biden earlier last month.

Trump described the air in India and China as "filthy" as he denounced Democratic rival Joe Biden's plans to tackle climate change. At the debate, the US President renewed his criticism that action on climate change was unfair to the United States.

"Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia, look at India -- it's filthy. The air is filthy," Trump said at the debate in Nashville.

While his take on India's air left social media divided, there's someone who found a funnier side to it all by mashing up Trump's words into a catchy tune.

Artist Mayur Jumani recently dropped the tune over his YouTube page which he described as a tribute to the president that will be "remembered by all". He further asked: "What do you think will be the result of the 2020 US election?"

To make Trump's mashup even more catchy and hilarious, Jumani incorporated US President mispronouncing Swami Vivekananda during his historic visit to India in the 'Namaste Trump' event at the Motera stadium in Gujarat.

Since being uploaded, the Donald Trump "speech mix" has raked in nearly 25K views with over 4K likes.

Earlier, comedian Jose Covaco had put a desi spin on the words on Trump.

In the video, Covaco could be seen enacting the role of a customer service executive, who was attempting to ask Trump various questions for a 'one-day three nights' vacation package.

The answers to the questions were all the Indian names and terms used by Trump during his Motera speech.

The video also showed him asking the US president the pronunciation of the name of the greatest cricketer if he were Chinese as well as the pronunciation of Swami Vivekananda.

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