Desi Internet is Here with Memes to Cheer You Up Next Time Your Credit Card Declines

Twitter screengrab.

Twitter screengrab.

'Credit card declines' is the newest meme on the web and it is going to make you reach for your wallets.


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It's been only a few weeks since the desi Internet recovered from the bizarre yet hilarious "Binod" trend and now, we have a new meme on our hands called "Credit card declines" and it is going to make you cry in broke.

If you haven't come across them yet, don't fret.

The basic premise of this meme is the imaginary scenarios wherein you get the service you had asked for except the credit card declines at the crucial moment and that service which you had already received and used gets undone after the failed transaction.

Although the meme didn't originate on the Indian web, the desis made it their own by conveniently picking out the worst-case scenarios (obviously) for comedic effect and gave their own spin using pop culture references from Bollywood movies and web series.

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Here's a roundup of these memes and they aren't for everyone. You've been warned.

We have a winner.

The 'Credit Card Declines' bears a resemblance to 'Imagine your card declines', a trend that went wildly popular on microblogging site Twitter back in September.

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