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Desi Women are Embracing the Whole 9 Yards With Internet's #SareeTwitter Challenge

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

Saree, not sorry.

In India, the conventional standards of beauty are often ones associated with the west - fair skin, thin, long hair and often dressed in 'western' outfits.

Even though the world has become one global entity and cultural barriers rarely ever hold the world in place, India like almost all countries in the world has adapted, to jeans, to crop tops, to every current fashion trend.

And while a large section of the population still wears 'ethnic' outfits on an everyday basis, the urban section has almost completely moved onto western casual wear. This however, doesn't mean that desi women don't look for an occasion to wear 'Indian wear,' the most common of them, a sari.

Desi Twitter, is however, celebrating the sari, for still holding a special place in every desi woman's heart, with #SareeTwitter trending on Twitter India.

Sari in India holds a more than just cultural significance for desi women, they hold emotional value: The first time you found your grandmother or mother's sari as a kid, and draped it around yourself in order to look more 'grown up,' or the first time you actually wore a sari, at a school function, or an occasion, they're something which still hold more special place than just another regular garment.

Last year too, this had become a trend on the platform.

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