Dhinchak Pooja is Back With a New Gem 'Nache Jab Kudi Dilli Di' and You Will Be Hooked

Dhinchak Pooja is Back With a New Gem 'Nache Jab Kudi Dilli Di' and You Will Be Hooked

The Internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja is back with a new song called 'Nache Jab Kudi Dilli Di'.

Anurag Verma
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  • Last Updated: January 24, 2019, 10:13 AM IST
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Sure, Rebecca Black gave birth to the cringe-pop genre with Friday back in 2011 but back home Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja has carried on the art beautifully by releasing one gem after another.

And let's admit it, we are all addicted to 'cringe-pop' because these songs that are so bad, that they are actually delicious.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant, who became an Internet sensation with hits such as 'Swag Wali Topi', 'Selfie Maine Leli Aaj', 'Dilon Ka Shooter' and 'Baapu Dede Thoda Cash,' is back in business with an all new song called 'Nache Jab Kudi Dilli Di' and we feel the classic Dhinchak is back.

For the true Dhinchakians, there's another good news. Not only has she lent her voice for the new track but has also done pretty much all that goes into the making of a song.

Here's what the credit reads:

Lyrics/ compose - Dhinchak Pooja

Singer - Dhinchak Pooja

Artist - Dhinchak Pooja

Video Editing - Dhinchak Pooja

Directed by Dhinchak Pooja

Produced by Dhinchak Pooja

The lyrics go like this and we're sure you'll be hooked.

Office bhi jaandi hai

Pani Puri khaati hai

Duniya chalandi hai

Jahan par bhi jaati hai, aag lagandi hai

Bhar bhar ke yeh note udandi hai

Naache... jab kudi dilli di naache

If you wish to go down the memory lane, you're welcome.

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