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Did a James Blunt 'Fan' Just Try to Explain the Meaning of 'You're Beautiful' to James Blunt?

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

A Twitter user took a jibe at James Blunt's superhit pop song 'You're Beautiful' and this is what the singer had to say.

James Blunt knows how to take on his internet trolls - and makes sure they don’t make the ‘Same Mistakes’.  The ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer just proved he’s not one to mess with when a Twitter user recently tried to put a sexist twist on Blunt’s popular song from his debut 2004 album. The Twitter user  ‘ToyBox’ took to the micro-blogging site to share food for thought, probably something about the song you weren’t previously familiar with. And the English singer, songwriter had something to say too - and it wasn’t a ‘Heart to Heart,’ but definitely ‘The Truth.’

They had a hot take on the song, trying to argue that the song is all about caring for a person’s physical beauty and that’s exactly what Blunt tried to promote, further calling it shallow. He said, “I was reminded of that song “You’re Beautiful" by James Blunt. It’s a f— up song if you listen to it. It’s about a guy who sees a girl and “falls in love" purely based on her physical appearance. He knows nothing else about her. It’s shallow as f—" and kind of shitty."

The tweet soon went viral, garnering an array of mixed reactions. Most netizens thronged to the comment’s section to warn the user to not take on Blunt on social media, while many even joked how no one really cared or it’s supposed to be a song and not some well-researched thesis.


While it was just a random person, ‘bored at work’ tweeting out on Blunt’s song, little did he realise that Blunt soon took a note of it and had one of a kind reply: “she was my ex-girlfriend."

However, it wouldn’t be true to say that Blunt himself hasn’t had a similar thought about the song before. Although worldwide acclaimed as a popular ‘romantic’ number, Blunt finds it a tad bit “creepy". In an earlier interview with The Guardian, he said, “It’s always been portrayed as romantic, but it’s actually a bit creepy. It’s about a guy (me) who’s high and stalking someone else’s girlfriend on the subway. But everyone has those moments where you wonder: What if I’d said something?"

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first published:April 20, 2021, 15:49 IST