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Did 'Sacred Games' 2 Have an Obvious, Glaring Error in its Season Finale Episode?

Did 'Sacred Games' 2 Have an Obvious, Glaring Error in its Season Finale Episode?

Whose password was it anyway?

Sacred Games Season 2 just released and fans can't seem to get enough of it.

The show, which is based on Vikram Chandra's book of the same name, stars Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Kalki Koechlin, and Ranvir Shorey was released on August 15 on Netflix.

It might have been only a day, but it has already been grabbing people's attention as the show adds more of the plot we were introduced to in the first season: 25 days mein kuch bada honey wala hai.

While a lot of the second season has been about plot revelation, fillers and answers to the questions which were asked in the first season, it also leaves the audience with a lot of unanswered ones - one which the season finale even ends on, a cliffhanger question.

Warning: There are spoilers beyond this point. Do not read if you've not watched the show and mind spoilers.

The last episode which ends with Ranvir Shorey's newly-introduced character, Shahid Khan, can be seen inputting a pattern password to activate the nuclear bomb. Here's a look at the password he enters.

If you don't know what nuclear bomb or password we're talking about, we highly recommend you stop reading and go watch the show first, for two seasons of context. If you're all caught up and know what's going down in the finale episode, this is where it starts.

To de-activate the nuclear bomb, Sartaj, played by Saif Ali Khan, has to enter the pattern to de-activate the reactor, and in turn, stop Mumbai from being destroyed. While the finale ended on a cliffhanger of Sartaj trying incorrect passwords till he entered his own father, Dilbagh Singh's, on his last try, and in 3...2...1...the episode ends.

What happens? Does he actually enter the right password? Does Mumbai go up in a cloud of smoke? Is it an open ending? We don't know. While there are no confirmed sources whether there will be a Season 3 of Sacred Games, we needed answers!

We took Guruji's advice of Balidaan dena padega, and taking one for the team and manually went through a lot of shots to check whether the pattern was the correct or not.

This is the pattern Sartaj draws at the end.

Does this look similar to the one Shahid drew in the beginning? Here's a side by side image for comparison.

Not similar, right? Could the pattern be wrong? Since the patterns were in the book, which Sartaj retrieved, we figured the answer might be there. To confirm who the pattern could be, we went through all the patterns in the book which were revealed in the series so far.

While Sartaj had tried and tested Trivedi's pattern, here's why it didn't work: it looks nothing like the pattern Shahid drew.

The same applied for Batya's.

The leaves us with the other pattern Sartaj could have chosen: Ganesh Gaitonde.

However, this doesn't seem like the pattern entered by Shahid, either. By process of elimination, that leaves us with Malcolm. And of course, Guruji. Here's what theirs look like.

But neither Malcolm, who worked in close proximity to Shahid Khan, nor Guruji, the original conspirator behind the bomb seems to be the patterns that look like the one entered by Shahid Khan.

Glaring mistake, or an obvious oversight by viewers? The answer could be, that there are simply two passwords: One to activate the bomb, and one to deactivate it.

Whether this answer is the legitimate reason, or not will decide Mumbai's fate on the show, and will simply remain a fan theory until Season 3 of Sacred Games comes out, if it does.

Till then, curiosity ka balidaan dena padega.