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Did the Fly on Mike Pence's Head Give Rock Band 'Foo Fighters' the Shoutout of their Career?

Mike Pence / Foo Fighters.

Mike Pence / Foo Fighters.

As the fly buzzed on the Internet, rock band Foo Fighters was reminded of their very own single from 1999's Grammy-winning album 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose'.

Wednesday night’s debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Senator Kamala Harris overshadowed last week’s insult-laden debate between Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump for many reasons. One of them happened to be a housefly.

A stray housefly sat for several minutes on Pence’s white hair, hanging on as he shook his head and parried with Harris over race and criminal justice — providing ample fodder to the Internet for much-needed comic relief. The fly buzzed so much that it topped the list of trending questions from the debate. ‘What is on Pence’s head? What is wrong with his eye?’ were the top two questions on the vice president during the debate.

While Breaking Bad fans were reminded of the notoriously polarising “Fly" episode, while someone went ahead and created a Twitter account named as the “Mike Pence’s Fly".


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But things only got better from thereon. The fly on Pence’s head managed to give American rock band Foo Fighters the shoutout of their life.


After the fly took over the Internet, the rock band was reminded of their very own single from 1999’s album There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The Grammy-winning album’s song “Learn to Fly" is one of Foo Fighters’ classics and the band on Thursday shared a photo of Pence-fly with a link to their song for fans to listen.

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“The band’s cheeky post had the Internet in splits."

“Laughed so hard it made the cat jump! This is brilliant."

“I think this would make a brilliant album cover!"

“You Pence supporters should be grateful. That fly was the most exciting thing about him in four years."

Well, one could say, there is nothing left to lose, after all.

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