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Diljit Dosanjh vs Kangana Ranaut Made Indians Need Translations. Punjabi Twitter Stepped In to Help

Image credits: YouTube/PTI/Twitter.

Image credits: YouTube/PTI/Twitter.

Diljit Dosanjh's shudh Punjabi tweets against Kangana Ranaut were incomprehensible for a large section of Indians - then Punjabi Twitter stepped in while translations and they did not disappoint.

It may have been an unlikely, unexpected showdown, but Desi Internet was hooked onto Twitter for most of Thursday as a feud unfolded between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh over the ongoing farmers protests in India.

The Twitter fight started on Wednesday when Dosanjh hit out at Ranaut for misidentifying an elderly Sikh woman from the farmers’ protest as Bilkis Bano of Shaheen Bagh and said the woman had joined the protest for Rs 100.

Ranaut had deleted the tweet after the backlash, yet she has been widely called out for misinformation.

“Respected MAHINDER KAUR JI Ah Sunn La Ni With Proof @KanganaTeam Banda Ena V Ni Anna Hona Chaida.. Kush v Boli Turi jandi aa ..(Listen to this proof, @KanganaTeam. One should not be this blind. She keeps says anything),” Dosanjh tweeted as he shared a video of an elderly woman Mahinder Kaur speaking on the farmer stir.

What followed was an ugly war of words and to every attack from Ranaut, Dosanjh had a counter attack in shudh Punjabi.

While the war of words was amusing, a lot of it was limited to Punjabi - and it led a major section of Indians clueless, especially with Google missing out on accurate translations.

Then Punjabi Twitter stepped in -- and they did not disappoint.

While the translations were amazing and accurate down to the last words, even the non-Punjabi speakers had already discovered an accurate translation: Diljit Dosanjh was the GOAT.

The feud ended for the night -- but it made it clear that while Diljit Dosanjh is GOAT, he certainly has an army behind him to make sure the Internet knows exactly what he's saying. Even if Alexa doesn't understand him, Indian twitter certainly does.