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Distracted by Cell Phone, Woman Walks Right Off Metro Platform in Front of Running Train

Image credit: Twitter/RTENews

Image credit: Twitter/RTENews

Following the incident in Madrid, the transport authority issued a warning to passengers to look up from their phones while walking on the platform.

  • Last Updated: November 1, 2019, 8:44 PM IST
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A woman in Madrid, Spain narrowly escaped death when she walked right off a metro rail platform and fell on the tracks with the train pulling up just metres away.

Recently revealed footage by Madrid Metro shows the woman initially sitting on a bench on the platform while looking into her phone. When she heard the sound of the approaching train, the woman got up and started walking toward the train without looking up from her phone. Zoned into her mobile phone, she does not realize that the train was still a few meters away.

The distracted woman stepped right off the platform, falling smack in front of the approaching train.

Thankfully, the driver managed to pull the breaks on time and the train came to a screeching halt just metres away from the woman. Onlookers on the platform helped her get back up and the lucky woman got away with no sever injuries.

The incident took place in Estrecho metro station and is yet another example of the dangers of being distracted by cell phones or other gadgets while on the road or traveling. The transport authority reminded passengers to make sure they look up from their phones while walking, adding that not doing so could prove "expensive".

The footage was shared on Twitter by RTÉ News.

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