Does Kourtney Kardashian Really Have Such Thin Arms? This Photo Has Left Everyone Confused

Does Kourtney Kardashian Really Have Such Thin Arms? This Photo Has Left Everyone Confused

Calvin Klein roped in the Kardashian sisters for a photo shoot, but Twitter thinks that Kourtney Kardashian's arm looks 'rain-thin' in the campaign picture.

Parth Sharma
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  • Last Updated: August 8, 2018, 10:17 AM IST
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It’s tough to keep up with these Kardashians. More so when they are fighting over who’s the hotter sister on Twitter, promoting the latest season of their reality show, and still have the time to do a Calvin Klein campaign shoot.

Well, Calvin Klein managed to rope in all the sisters sans ‘Momager’ (sorry, Kris Jenner) for a photo shoot to promote their Fall 2018 jeans and underwear campaign.

All the sisters, of course, look glamourous from head to toe, but this time it wasn’t the glam quotient that caught Twitterati’s attention. It was Kourtney Kardashian’s arm. In the said photo, Kourtney’s arm looks like someone photoshopped it a little too much, making it look almost non-existent.

Twitter, being the beady-eyed hawk, caught on to that detail and pointed it out on the social networking platform.

However, there were users who also debated that Kourtney’s arm was in fact not photoshopped but it was a lighting effect.

The debate also forced Calvin Klein to issue a statement to Insider on Kourtney’s ‘rail-thin’ arm.

"As you'll see from the high-res version of the image, there are no issues with Kourtney's arm," Calvin Klein wrote in a statement.

"However, the light is hitting it which makes it slightly less defined. Unfortunately, when the image is posted to social media in a lower-resolution format, the shape of her arm loses its definition, creating the effect which social media users have commented on."

Photoshop or lighting effect? Well, you are the judge.

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