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Fruity Coincidence: Woman Spots Her Dog's Face on a Slice of Banana on the Internet

Doppelganger banana? | Image credit: Twitter

Doppelganger banana? | Image credit: Twitter

A woman shared a photo of her dog Vinny and a bowl of breakfast cereal containing bananas and the resemblance was uncanny.

Spotting doppelgangers or unknown but familiar faces is a fairly common phenomenon. However, in a hilarious incident, a woman happened to find a face resembling her dog on a slice of a banana on the internet.

The 29-year-old Paige, an architect from Michigan, came across a picture on the internet where she noticed something peculiar. While scrolling through social media, Paige noticed in a picture of someone’s breakfast that one of the banana slices looked exactly like her dog’s face. Her pet dog, a 4-year-old Pekingese named Vincenzo (also known as Vinny), had an uncanny resemblance with the banana slice.

Talking to NY Post,she said that her dog Vinny has gone viral after the similarity. She stated that as soon as she saw the photo of the person’s porridge, she knew exactly what photo she saw of her dog that looked exactly like on the banana slice.

She shared a picture of Vinny and the breakfast and it did resemble her dog, which has shocked netizens as well. She added that she saw it while she was scrolling and then she commented how it looked exactly like her dog. She said the coincidence put a smile on her face.


The architect also made a collage of her dog’s picture with the breakfast picture, and posted it on a Facebook group of dog lovers. It soon caught everyone’s attention and the members agreed with Paige too.

Paige stated that ‘it was crazy’ when she posted the picture on the dog lover’s Facebook page as it gained a lot of likes. She didn’t realize that other people would find the resemblance uncanny too. Some people commented on the picture saying that they thought the banana was a dog because they didn’t have their glasses on.

Well,not everyone agreed with her opinion, and some even accused her of photoshopping the image. Paige explains that she thought it must have been a little more challenging for others to see Vinny’s face in the banana, but it seemed to her that everyone was one the same wavelength as her, which she found to be funny.

first published:February 09, 2021, 18:57 IST