Dog Jumps to its Death After Woman Who Rescued and Raised it Passes Away in UP

Image for representation. Credits: Unsplash.

Image for representation. Credits: Unsplash.

The woman, Dr Anita Raj Singh, had rescued the dog from a road 12 years ago in Kanpur.

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  • Last Updated: July 3, 2020, 2:23 PM IST
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In a heartwrenching incident, a pet dog in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, jumped from a fourth-floor window and died after it found that the woman who had raised him had passed away.

The woman, Dr Anita Raj Singh, had rescued the dog from a road 12 years ago, as per a report in Times of India. The abandoned puppy was in a nasty condition and infested with maggots. A resident of Malikpuram, Dr Singh reared the dog back to health, adopted it and named it Jaya.

As per the report, Dr Singh had been fighting a kidney ailment and had been receiving treatment for it for a few days at a local city hospital. She had also been admitted a local city hospital for treatment where she passed away on Wednesday.

As soon as the doctor's body was brought back home, Jaya started frantically barking, Dr Singh's son Tejas told TOI. The dog had not been eating well ever since had been hospitalised. Watching her body being brought back home, the dog seemingly could not take it and jumped from the fourth floor to its death.

This is not the first time that a dog passed away following the death of its human. In 2019, a French bulldog by the name of Nero in died within 15 minutes after his young owner, Stuart Hutchison, lost his life to brain cancer in Scotland.

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