Dog Makes 200km Journey Through Siberia to Find Owners Who Rejected Her

For Representation.

For Representation.

'She had walked and run for two and a half days. Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up.'

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A dog made a remarkable journey through bear and wolf-infested wilderness in Siberia to find its owners who had sent it back to a kennel just six months after adoption. Kennel owner Alla Morozova in Novosibirsk sold the dog named Maru to a couple in Krasnoyarsk when the dog was five months old, Siberian Times reported.

However, six months later, the woman owner called Alla asked the kennel to take the animal back, citing a purported allergy. “I never give up my puppies and when a dog is bought, it is stipulated that the owners should inform me if they do not need a dog anymore,” Alla was quoted as saying.

An arrangement was made to bring the dog back to Novosibirsk aboard a train in the care of an attendant. But some 200 kilometres into the journey, when the train stopped at a small station near Achinsk, the dog had a panic attack. “She was frightened,” Alla said, adding the dog “had been brought by her owners, and then they disappeared somewhere.”

The noise of the train scared the dog and she “jumped on the compartment door, kicked the handle to open it, and almost threw the conductor out of the way.” “She jumped out like a bullet,” Alla said, “When the door opened to the platform, she jumped out into the night, into the taiga.”

The attendant called the owners in Krasnoyarsk and said the dog was missing. They called Alla and she asked them to go to Achinsk area and search for the animal, but they refused. “That angered me. The owners were not upset at all, like, well, the dog is lost and that's all right.”

That was their answer,” she said. “They gave the dog away and the load fell off their shoulders.” Alla posted messages and distributed leaflets about the missing dog. The dog was found two and a half days later in an industrial area of Krasnoyarsk, trying to reach her owners.

“She had walked and run for two and a half days. Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up,” Alla said. Volunteers who found her said the dog was tired. “She was lame, her paws were broken. The pads were damaged. Her muzzle was broken,” they said, claiming the animal was “even in tears.” Alla is sure the dog was looking for her house.

“She did not run to Novosibirsk, she wanted to go back where she lived. It is surprising that she went the right way. Geographically, she had no reference points at all. In the city she used to walk only in the yard, she never went anywhere else,” she said.

“And to make her away through the wild taiga, it is an amazing case.” Alla said the dog’s breed, developed by gamekeepers, may have saved her life. Alla’s friend Alyona Makhova drove Maru to Novosibirsk where she was reunited with her mother and father. She is now undergoing treatment.

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