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Dog Owner Finds Entire Kitchen Covered with Muddy Paw-prints after Pet was Left Unattended

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Last Updated: October 08, 2020, 14:05 IST

Image for representation. Credits: Unsplash.

Image for representation. Credits: Unsplash.

Some dogs just love rolling around in mud!

Dogs and mud puddles are inseparable. Canines love to roll around in the mud or rain because they want to let off some energy and have fun.

A simple theory attributes it as a purely instinctual behaviour, which helps them to as to mask their scent. The water and mud mixture help them dial down their body scents, allowing them to easily sneak up on prey. It may also simply mean that the dog is feeling hot and the mud bath might cool its system down.

Some dogs love rolling around in mud, and if there’s a puddle within reach there’s nothing much one can do. One such instance of a puddle loving dog has surfaced online. The images show what muddy paws can unleash when left unattended.

Kerry Templeton, a pet owner from Gosport, Hampshire posted on social media of what transpired when her dog Maddie, managed to sneak out through the cat flap at their home and thoroughly enjoyed a run out in the downpour outdoors. The whole kitchen was covered in mud and a sheepish Maddie was looking up to her, reports Daily Mail.

After a night with friends, Kerry returned home to find her entire kitchen floor covered with paw prints, as were the kitchen walls, stools, the refrigerator and the door. Kerry with the help of her daughter Scarlett cleaned the kitchen and later Scarlett had to wash down Maddie twice to remove all the mud out of her coat.

Reminiscing about the evening, Kerry said she wants to share the incident with people as it has brought lots of laughter on her private Facebook page, and she can laugh about it now! She also recalled the evening’s events until reaching home to find her kitchen in a muddy mess.

She had left the cat flap open and was surprised to know her dog Maddie can fit through it. Initially there were tears in her eyes, but Maddie’s innocent look wiped away her tears and she got on with the clean-up.

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first published:October 08, 2020, 14:05 IST
last updated:October 08, 2020, 14:05 IST