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Donald Trump Alleging Poll Fraud in US Elections is Reminding Everyone of 'Citizen Kane'

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Donald Trump claimed without evidence that Democrats were trying to "steal" the US election with illegal votes.

It has been a few days since polling closed in the United States, and the votes are still being counted, much to current President Donald Trump’s dismay. Since November 3, Trump has been urging states to stop counting votes and even promised to move the Supreme Court, saying that votes should not be counted after Election Day.

Trump is alleging “voter fraud,” even though he has no substantial claim to prove it. Not even his own party members are willing to back his claim.

Trump again claimed without evidence that Democrats were trying to “steal” the US election with illegal votes, saying he would “easily win” the race against Joe Biden without the alleged interference. Joe Biden has racked up at least 253 of the 270 electoral votes that he needs, according to US network projections — and 264 if Arizona is included. Trump, on the contrary, has amassed only 213 electoral votes.

On Thursday, Trump seemingly had a mini-meltdown on Twitter, wrote in all caps, “STOP THE COUNT.”

Trump’s meltdown and his reaction to the results has reminded Twitter of Orson Welles’ masterpiece, Citizen Kane, which is oft considered to be one of the most iconic movies ever. Not just because of its cinematography and its gripping storyline, Citizen Kane‘s portrayal of politics and power has become strangely relevant given the current political scenario.

For the unaware, here’s some context. The movie, which released in 1941, is about Charles Foster Kane, an industrialist and newspaper publisher. One day, Kane decides that he wants to run for the Governor’s office in New York. His campaign takes off smoothly, but is ruined when his extramarital affair with a local singer is discovered. Owing to the scandal, Kane loses the election.

In an extremely poignant scene, which is still considered to be one of the most stinging commentaries on yellow journalism, Kane had two versions of his newspaper printed ahead of the election results. One paper said “Kane elected”, in the event that he should emerge victorious. In case he did not, he had a backup newspaper front page ready which would claim “Fraud at the Polls”, suggesting that he had been a victim of poll fraud — which was untrue.

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Ironically, a few years ago, Trump said that his favourite movie is Citizen Kane and that he “absolutely loved the director.”

Over and over again Trump has claimed, without evidence, that he was a victim of mass fraud. Trump prematurely declared victory Wednesday and threatened to seek Supreme Court intervention to stop vote-counting but it has continued nonetheless.

Since then, his team fanned out across the battleground states challenging the results in court and staging a series of press conferences where supporters lodged allegations of irregularities.

The campaign has announced lawsuits in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania and Michigan — where it has already been dismissed — as well as demanding a recount in Wisconsin, where Biden won by just 20,000 votes.

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