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Donald Trump Makes a Spelling Mistake Every Five Days on Twitter, Research Finds

Image credit: AFP

Image credit: AFP

Since taking up office as President, Trump has made some 188 spelling mistakes on Twitter. Not a great record for the POTUS.

  • Last Updated: November 6, 2019, 7:33 PM IST
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He may have the "best words" in his kitty but it is no secret that US President Donald Trump is not always great with spelling them. Be it the more famous fiascoes (remember covfefe?) or the more mundane errors (read "attaker", "shoebiz", "Rupublicans" and "infair"), Trump is no friend of the dictionary.

And now, researchers have come up with a tangible number to gauge just how bad the 45th POTUS is when it comes to spellings.

According to, a veritable Trump-staking institution that tracks every breath the President takes and every moves he makes, 188 misspellings have been tweeted from the @realDonaldTrump Twitter handle since Trump assumed office in 2016, CNN reported.

That is nearly one incorrectly spelled word or typo every five days. The study does not take into account punctuation errors.

While seemingly harmless, Trump's misspellings have often caused raging controversies in the US as well as embarrassment. In January 2017, the White House misspelled the name of British Prime Minister Theresa May and called her "Teresa May", who incidentally happens to be an adult film actress in the UK.

The following month, the White House released a list of 78 terrorist attacks that the Trump administration claimed were "under-reported" by an anti-Trump media. However, the report was criticised as "hasty", not oly because it listed attacks that had indeed received widespread media coverage but also misspelled words like "attackr" (attacker), "Denmakr" (Denmark) and San Bernadino (San Bernardino).

More recently, The President more than once wrote the words "forrest fires" (Forest) on Twitter while perennially misusing the word "loose" in place of "lose".

His most famous misspelling? Perhaps his thanks you tweet after becoming the 'honered' (honoured/honored) President of the US.

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