Donald 'Peshwa' Trump is Back: US President's Assistant Shares Viral 'Malhari' Meme

Donald 'Peshwa' Trump is Back: US President's Assistant Shares Viral 'Malhari' Meme

The viral meme from February was shared by US Social Media Director and Donald Trump's assistant Dan Scavino with the hashtag #KAG2020

Lately, US President Donald Trump, who seemed to previously enjoy a decent following in India, has fallen from the good graces of many in the country, following his persistent "offer" to "mediate" in the Kashmir issue. However, a Photoshopped meme video of Trump dancing to the Bollywood song 'Malhari'.

Surprisingly, the spoof video was shared by none other than Dan Scavino himself, the White House Director of Social Media and Assistant to Trump.

'Malhari' is a popular song from the 2015 period drama film Bajirao Mastani. In the edited version, Trump's face has been superimposed upon the face of Ranveer Singh, who co-starred with Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra int he film.

Tweeting the video, Scavino wrote, "By no means do I intend to drive the haters crazy today — but after such an awesome week, let’s wrap it up with another great day! #KAG2020"

It seems that Scavino, who handled social media for Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections, is already geared for Round 2. As opposed to Trump's then war cry, 'MAGA' (Make America Great Again), the slogan this time is "Keep America Great", indicating that Team Trump is looking forward to another victory.

This is not the first time that the faux video of Peshwa Trump surfaced on the Internet, however. The video first appeared earlier in February when it went wildly viral, especially in India.

But now that the Trump aide has shared it, could it be an attempt to woo netizens in India after the Kashmir faux pas? In any case, some of the comments on the video were hilarious. Here's one with another Photoshopped video of Trump beating Joe Biden in a boxing ring.

Presidential election 2020 is promising to be even more interesting for netizens than the last.

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