Donald Trump to Pardon Turkeys Again as He Cancels Annual Beach Trip to Spend Thanksgiving at White House

Donald Trump with the turkey he pardoned as part of the US Thanksgiving tradition in 2017 | Image credit: Reuters

Donald Trump with the turkey he pardoned as part of the US Thanksgiving tradition in 2017 | Image credit: Reuters

Donald Trump has cancelled his annual Thanksgiving trip to Florida and instead plans to spend Turkey Day at the White House as he refuses to concede election defeat to Joe Biden.


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While US President-elect Joe Biden is set to enter the White House in January 2021 after the Presidential elections were called in his favour, Donald Trump seems to be in no mood to be leaving. In fact, the White House is currently planning its annual turkey pardon, even as their Trumps decide to take a break its annual beach holiday tradition to spend Thanksgiving in Washington.

According to reports, two turkeys are set to arrive at the White House from Iowa next week as part of its annual Thanksgiving tradition. The turkeys will then be pardoned by the President, meaning they will not end up as Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year, Trump had pardoned turkeys named 'Butter' and its understudy 'Bread' while making impeachment jokes. Both turkeys were sent to a farm in Virginia to live out the rest of their lives.

The names of the turkeys set for a pardon this year will be announced once they arrive at the White House, Daily Mail reported.

While Trump seems to obviously enjoy the turkey-pardon tradition, he and the First Family usually spend Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, the Trumps' palm beach resort in Florida. This year, however, the Trumps seem to be hunkering down at the White House itself.

As per close aides and experts, not leaving White House is part of Trump's 'bunker mentality' in which he is seemingly trying to make things difficult for Biden by refusing to acknowledge his election victory. According to ta report in CNN, Trump plans to bunker down in the White House while he tries to find legal routes to dismiss Biden's victory.

Since the US elections were called in favour of Biden on November 7, Trump has neither spoken to reporters nor invited media into the Oval Office. Instead, he had been seen playing golf and tweeting bizarre and unverified claims about "election fraud" and how he has "won" the US Elections, despite Joe Biden becoming President-elect.

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