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Donald Trump's Family Forgot to Wear Masks During the US Presidential Debate, But Not for Selfies

Photo: Ivanka Trump/Twitter

Photo: Ivanka Trump/Twitter

Not a single member of Trump's family was wearing a mask during the debate.

Tuesday night saw the US Presidential debate between current President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden. The debate, to put it lightly, was complete chaos. Just minutes in, the debate turned into an all-out and personal brawl as they raced through issues from a Supreme Court vacancy to the coronavirus pandemic to the US health care system.

While the debate, and everything that happened during the debate, became points of discussion on social media, there was one thing that we couldn't help but notice - not a single member of Trump's family was wearing a mask. During the debate, the First Lady, Melania sat in the audience with Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. But all of them sat through the entire debate without wearing a mask.

Yet, they wore one while posing for social media. Ivanka Trump posted a selfie on Twitter, where all of them can be seen sporting face coverings. It turns out, they wore masks when they arrived at the venue but eventually took it off when they sat down, which went against the guidelines for the debate.

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic, which is where the debate was held, had earlier published a list of guidelines to ensure safety could be assured in the times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The guidelines mentioned that there would be distancing between the seats and that it would be important to incorporate "personal health screening and safety measures."

A Bloomberg reporter who was covering the event gave live updates on the matter. The reporter, Tyler Pager, tweeted, "Everyone in Biden’s side of the hall is wearing a mask. More than half on Trump’s side, including his four children, are not wearing masks. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s a requirement that all guests wear masks."

He followed it up with another tweet, "Melanie Trump just walked in wearing a mask. She removed it as she sat down."

He also later tweeted that a Cleveland Clinic doctor had walked over to the Trump clan to ask them to put on their masks. They apparently refused, as per what the doctor told Pager. "A Cleveland Clinic doctor with masks just walked up to a number of unmasked members of the audience on Trump’s side of the room and asked them to put on masks. She told me they refused to take one and wear them," he tweeted.

In fact, this isn't too surprising given the fact that Trump has never been too fond of masks either. On multiple occasions, the US President has been spotted without one, despite every health organisation in the world recommending it. During the debate too, Trump took a sly jibe at Biden by saying that he always has a mask on. Well, to be fair, it is a global pandemic.