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'Don't Be Like Arturo': Mumbai Police Takes to Money Heist to Warn You against Financial Frauds

Money Heist meme used by Mumbai police.
(Credit: Twitter)

Money Heist meme used by Mumbai police. (Credit: Twitter)

Mumbai Police's Twitter handle is using Money Heist meme to warn against money fraud.

While fans of the Netflix series Money Heist are waiting for the show’s fifth season, the Spanish crime drama’s reference was used by Mumbai Police to communicate a witty advisory against financial frauds. Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle, known for putting out entertaining posts while also conveying the seriousness of the message, shared a scene from Money Heist on Wednesday, May 26.

The scene from the very first episode shows one of the lead characters, Denver, asking a hostage, Arturo, about his banking pin. Arturo replies ‘1234’ which makes Denver and his colleague burst into laughter.

Mumbai Police tweeted the clip and jibed that Arturo thinks he is very smart and keeps 1234 as his pin. Advising people to keep a stronger banking password, they asked people not to be like Arturo.


The financial safety message communicated through hilarious means invited praise from the netizens who said the Mumbai Police is “killing the Game of memes".

One user said it is a nice way to communicate information to people.

Another user commended Mumbai Police for easily explaining their message with this popular series.

One response asked who is the brainchild behind such hilarious and adorable tweets.

A user called Mumbai Police ‘savage’ for the quirky tweet.

Mumbai Police regularly uses popular internet trends to convey their messages. Recently, they tweeted about Covid precautions through Friends: The Reunion’s reference. Sharing a picture from the upcoming reunion special episode, Mumbai Police’s humorous tweet urged the people to reunite with their friends only after the “final season" of Covid-19 is over.

The city police are also posting wordplays of Bollywood stars’ names to tell its citizens about the dangers of stepping out unnecessarily amid the second wave of Covid-19.

Mumbai has been successful in containing the second wave relatively better. The financial capital of Maharashtra is reporting under 1500 fresh cases for many days now.

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