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'Don't Expect Me to Do This Again': Viral Twitter Thread on First Date Fails is All of Us

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Walk on a beach, water sports dates, dinner dates, etc, sounds fascinating. Take a look at lots of happily ever after stories in this thread which will make your heart sway.

At the beginning of a new relationship, people often go the extra mile and sometimes even behave differently with their partners to please them. But sometimes, even the most practiced lines can fall through on a date, resulting in 'truth bombs' that might not be easy to navigate.

For a couple on Twitter though, the 'truth bomb' seemed to work out just fine. Taking to the microblogging site, lawyer Eli McCann shared the story of his second date with his husband.

“For my second date with my husband we met in NYC and went to a party and ended up at a McDonald’s at 3:00 AM where he reached across the table, grabbed my hands, looked at me adoringly, and said ‘I hate this. I wanted to go to bed at 9:00. Do not expect this of me again’,” he says in his tweet.

Following this truthful confession, the tweet has received almost 1.5 lakh views and more than 9,900 retweets since it was posted on August 2 and counting.

The tweet seemed to strike a nerve with many and ended up inspiring a delightful thread where couples shared their first date-fails that turned into fruitful relationships with their respective partners

Aww, those shoes played a major role.

A happy tale or a new beginning

Oh my god! 12 years and still counting.

Walks on beaches, dinner dates and going dance sound fascinating in rom-com films. But these real-life instances teach us that for many, the messier the first date, the sweeter the relationship.