Don't Have an Excuse to End Unwanted Phone Calls amid Lockdown? This Twitter Thread is Gold

Image credit: Reuters/Twitter

Image credit: Reuters/Twitter

Actress and comic asked the question on Twitter as the United States continued to battle with a total lockdown in several states.

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The COVID-19 lockdown has confined people to their homes, but it has also given opportunities to interact more with relatives and friends over the phone. So how do you end your telephonic communication conversations? Well, that's what American comedian Naomi Ekperigin had asked for.

Naomi, who is also an actress and writer, invoked a discussion on Twitter when she asked users how they end their conversation on phone during the lockdown.

Taking to the microblogging site Twitter, she asked, “How are we ending phone conversations now that we don't have anywhere to go?”

Soon her tweet went viral, receiving over 40 thousand likes and over 5 thousand retweets. Several users replied to her that how they end the conversations.

One user said, “Toddler is trashing the living room… seems like a reasonable excuse”.

Another user wrote, “Okay, gotta go. My Zoom yoga class starts in 10 minutes,” while one replied, “I think I heard my husband calling me. I better go see what he needs. God knows he can’t find anything without me. Talk to you later”.


Globally, over 20 lakh people have been tested positive for the COVID-19, and the death toll has crossed over 1.5 lakh.

In India, over 17, 000 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus, and over 500 people have died due to the contagious virus.

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