Dosa Topped With Pasta? This New Bizarre Food Combo Isn't Going Down Too Well

Dosa with Red sauce pasta.
(Credit: Twitter/ @India_Maharaj)

Dosa with Red sauce pasta. (Credit: Twitter/ @India_Maharaj)

Dosa with red sauce pasta didn't quite settle well with netizens.

Dosa comes in various types: Masal Dosa, Ghee Podi Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Plain Dosa, Onion Dosa etc. Yet, social media presents us with an eccentric type of dosa: Dosa topped with red sauce pasta and grated cheese. Yes. you read that right.

The lockdown has seen many people coming out with their bizarre food trial videos, which have either left people in awe or straight up disgusted. This too, does not seem to be any different.

A Twitter user, @India_Maharaj, took to the social media platform to share the video of a dosa being cooked on a frying pan. Then eventually the red sauce is prepared on it and pasta is added too. At the end some grated cheese is sprinkled on the dish and then the dosa is cut into small rolls at the time of serving.

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Captioning the video he said, "Tamil Friend jab iss type ka dosa Dekhta bahut Gaaliya deta hai (When a Tamil friend sees this type of dosa, it's sure he is going to curse us)."

It was not surprising that the merging of south Indian cuisine with that of Italain, didn't quite settle well with netizens, who seemed to be pretty grossed out.

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Last year in another bizarre video, a person dunking a piece of idli in a cup of tea went viral.

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