'Drive Safe': US Doctor's Practical Advice on Staying Healthy as World Gears for Long Haul with Covid-19

'Drive Safe': US Doctor's Practical Advice on Staying Healthy as World Gears for Long Haul with Covid-19

The doctor drew parallels between driving car and living through the pandemic to illustrate how to ensure safety during the pandemic, which he said would last for over two years.

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  • Last Updated: June 28, 2020, 2:06 PM IST
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As the world grapples with questions like "how long before we step out freely" and "how to live through the pandemic", a US doctor's Twitter thread not only answers some of the very vital questions but also helps us understand how to navigate through the crisis.

Though the thread begins with the fact that the pandemic might stay for more than two years, but the doctor, Faheem Younus, as illustrated and explained how to stay safe. "Lockdowns are one extreme and denial of science is other," he says in the Tweet.

Drawing parallels with driving a car, he tells people how we can through the pandemic.

"Before driving a car, we learn/abide by certain rules. That’s not giving up our freedoms We wear a seatbelt before driving; during pandemic, wear a mask before going in public. Just like we keep a safe distance between cars, maintain >6 feet between each other in public," he adds.

"Just like we say no to drunk driving, say no to sick working. Both put others at risk..Get tested, end isolation only if test is - or symptoms resolve," he says in the next tweet.

"Fun crowds may excite but that “social speeding” spreads the virus. Avoid indoor crowds in particular. But going to office, essential shopping, safe recreation is OK; maintain distance and wear a mask," Dr Younus writes.

"We safely drive thru this pandemic and reach mass vaccination. Then remove our mask, take a deep breath, smile, hug, gather again and be grateful to God Almighty," he concludes at the end of the thread.

The number of Covid-19 cases across the globe stands at 10,097,247, while the virus infection has claimed 501,584

lives since it was first detected in China's Wuhan in December 2019. Meanwhile, scientists across the world are racing against time to find a cure for the disease. Dexamethasone has been approved by various countries as cure for patients with moderate to severe symptoms after British clinical trials found it could serve as a life-saving drug for critical patients. Many European countries have approved the use of Remdesivir as treatmnet for coronavirus infection.

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