Dubai-Based Telangana Man Makes Heart Art with Fallen Petals on Road for Wife in India

(Image credit: Instagram/ thehappyboxofficial)

(Image credit: Instagram/ thehappyboxofficial)

Ramesh Gangarajan Gandhi, who's a sanitation worker in Dubai was spotted by a woman collecting fallen petals and making a heart out it.

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  • Last Updated: July 27, 2020, 10:12 PM IST
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A Dubai-based Telangana man was recently spotted making a heart art with dried, fallen petals as a sweet gesture for his wife in India.

Ramesh Gangarajan Gandhi, who's a sanitation worker in Dubai, was spotted by a woman named Nesma Farahat, who saw him collecting dry petals and making a heart out of them while cleaning a pavement.

According to reports, Gandhi said, "I was thinking about my wife in India at the time, as I miss her a lot."

Gandhi was married in September 2019, and after a month he was relocated in Dubai. Since then he has been stuck there for 10 months, with the pandemic making it more difficult for him to return to his homeland. He works as a house-keeping staff at Emrill Services LLC.

However, the image clicked by Farahat went viral after it was shared on Instagram by thehappyboxofficial, that said, "Best thing we’ve seen all year #2020 a bittersweet moment. Think this resonates with us all, we are all longing to be with our loved ones. Not sure who this gentleman is but he deserves a shout out. to love, always."

Speaking to Gulf News, Gandhi said, "She was happy that I was thinking about her. However, she found it surprising that many are interested in knowing about us."

As per reports, he was also planning to visit India in recent times to see his ailing father.

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