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Egyptian Baker Arrested for Making 'Indecent' Cakes Topped with 'Lingerie-shaped' Icing

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

The incident has drawn flak from some quarters of the Egyptian society who termed it an attack on the personal freedoms in Egypt.

A woman in Egypt has been arrested and faces charges for allegedly making 'indecent cakes'. The cakes in question were reportedly topped with icing in the shape of lingerie and genitals. Defined as an 'assault on the value system, and a crude abuse of society', a top Islamic authority of Egypt deemed them forbidden under the religious law.

The desserts were shared a women's private party. The baker woman was arrested and released later. Three others who were at the party at a high-end sports club in Cairo have been identified by the police.

The incident has drawn flak from some quarters of the Egyptian society who termed it an attack on the personal freedoms in Egypt, The DailyMail reported.

Dar al Ifta, an Islamic body that issues religious edicts in Egypt, condemned the cupcakes as indecent under the Islamic law and called it an attack on the value system in a Muslim country. According to Egyptian media, authorities also visited the headquarters of the Gezira Sporting Club where party had taken place.

The action against the Cairo-based registered pastry chef came after the photos of the provocative party reached the authorities. She was later released $314. The other women who attended the party had their memberships suspended by the sports club, reports said.

The incident comes days after two young Egyptian women faced human trafficking charges after they were jailed for posting videos on TikTok. Haneen Hossam and Mawada Eladham, who each have more than a million TikTok followers, have spent nine months in jail after being convicted of encouraging women to share footage on the video-sharing app in exchange for money.

Last week, a court upheld an appeal, overturning the conviction of Hossam, 20, and cancelling 22-year-old Mawada Eladham's jail sentence, though she still faces a fine of 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($19,218).

Hossam had expected to be released this week, but on Thursday a judge said she would remain in jail pending trial on charges of human trafficking, her lawyer Hussein El Bakar told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Several women have been accused of "inciting debauchery" for challenging Egypt's conservative social values, and the battle has moved online as the use of social media by young Egyptians surges.

Egyptian lawmakers last year demanded the government ban TikTok in the country, saying it promoted nudity and immorality.

Last July, a Cairo court sentenced Hossam, a student at Cairo University, to two years in prison and fined her 300,000 Egyptian pounds for encouraging young women to meet men through a video app and build friendships with them.

first published:January 20, 2021, 16:26 IST