Elon Musk Impresses Netizens With Fascinating Video Of Ship 'Catching' Falcon 9 Rocket

Video of ship catching falcon 9 rocket Fairing. Credits: Twitter

Video of ship catching falcon 9 rocket Fairing. Credits: Twitter

Viewed over 6.5 million times, the video features the exact moment when the ship catches the rocket fairing by using a massive net laid out for it.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s interest in science and technology has led him to great heights such as inventing space shuttles for international organizations like NASA. The entrepreneur recently shared an incredible video on his Twitter account, leaving netizens spellbound at the beauty of the process.

In the video, one can see a ship spreading a giant net to capture a rocket fairing at sea. The video, captured by SpaceX, shows the rocket fairing of Falcon 9. One can see the component floating in the air with a parachute holding it, as it gradually moves towards the sea.

“Aloha, welcome back from space,” Musk captioned the video, which has a background elevator music.

Watch the incredible video here:

In another tweet, Musk also mentioned the elevator music is underrated.

The video showing the Falcon 9 rocket fairing has received more than six million views, with more than three lakh likes. A lot of people shared their appreciation and praises for capturing the moment precisely.

For those who are unaware, rocket fairing is referred to as the nose cone of a rocket used to protect a spacecraft payload. When a spacecraft crosses Earth's atmosphere, the payload fairing either burns or drops into the ocean.

Usually, the process of payload fairing is not captured. However, SpaceX has become the first company in history to successfully retrieve a fairing intact. The company has also started reusing its fairings, the manufacturing cost of which is expected at US$6 million per orbital launch.

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