Elon Musk is Working on a Rocket That Can Deliver Weapons in One Hour Anywhere in the World

File image of Elon Musk.

File image of Elon Musk.

Musk’s rocket and spacecraft manufacturer company, has tied up with the United States military for this endeavour.

When the pacifists of the world are calling for disarmament, Elon Musk is developing an Amazon Prime-like service to deliver weapons. Whereas the shopping website has small, harmless drones to deliver your books, Musk will have rockets whooshing through the skies to take weapons of destruction to US military anywhere in the world.

SpaceX, Musk’s rocket and spacecraft manufacturer company, has tied up with the United States military for this endeavour. Their goal is to develop a rocket that can deliver heavy or light weapons to any location on the globe within an hour. The motive for such urgent need of weaponry must be apparent and evident.

According to Business Insider, the rocket will travel at an astonishing speed of 7500 miles per hour (approximately 12070 kilometres an hour). It has the ability to charge into the orbit with 80 metric tons of cargo (80,000 kilogram). Once up there, it can land anywhere, in almost every location, as directed by its GPS.

As of now, SpaceX is beginning to assess the costs and technical challenges that it would face for a project this size. Following this, the official contract will be drawn up.

Slashgear reported that initial tests for the prototype will begin in 2021, as admitted by the head of US Transportation Command, Gen. Stephen Lyons.

If successful, the rocket will be able to carry weaponry from California to Afghanistan within an hour. The distance between the two is 7651 miles or 12314 kilometres. As of now, their current payload transfer aircraft, C-17 Globemaster can make the same journey in 15 hours at a maximum speed of 590 MPH or nearly 950 kilometres per hour.

Gen. Lyons noted that SpaceX is “moving very, very rapidly in this area.” However, this will not be a solo project for SpaceX as Exploration Architecture Corporation will also contribute to the rocket research and development. EAC is another privately-owned rocket and spacecraft manufacturer in the USA.

Musk’s SpaceX has been appreciated by the US military on multiple other occasions. Earlier this month, SpaceX landed a contract with the armed forces worth $149 million (approximately 1090 crores) for building missile-tracking satellites for the Pentagon. Whereas in 2019, they received $28 million (or 204 crores) to build tracking systems for the US Air Force.

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