Elon Musk Stole a Picture of Sundae Just to Prove He Broke Lockdown and Dined Out

File image of Elon Musk.

File image of Elon Musk.

Tesla chief apparently dined out in pandemic but detectives on the Internet were back on work.

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  • Last Updated: May 14, 2020, 1:06 PM IST
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Elon Musk is now stealing dessert pictures and we are as confused as you are.

Despite running SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, The Boring Company among other cool projects, controversial billionaire Elon Musk finds plenty of time to tweet his feelings.

After a Twitter meltdown over lockdown restrictions in California, Musk defied all the odds and got the electric carmaking company, Tesla, to have its production factory running as early as Monday, even pissing off lawmakers in the process.

"If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me," Musk informed in an earlier tweet.

Musk defying lockdown to curb coronavirus wasn't met with much appreciation from his followers but when the US President backed his desperation, it was a moment of celebration for the Teslaman. After having facing heat in the past few weeks, Musk sat down to chill down with an ice cream sundae.

But guess what? It was neither his sundae nor was the photo clicked in 2020. This was pointed out in a tweet below his.

The photo was shared across social media platforms by Buca di Beppo, an American restaurant chain, in 2017.

Musk affirmed the location in another tweet.

Did Musk blatantly steal a photo from the Internet and claim it as his own? Going by his own reputation, one would give him a benefit of doubt as Musk is a dank meme connoisseur and a reposter-lover of many weird Internet things. His follow-up tweet seemed like a mockery that he got to do what he wanted to more than having the sneaky intention of stealing someone else's sundae photo from the web. Or was it an attempt to show his edgy side by dining out in pandemic? It's Musk so no one can be certain.

Ironically, the responses to his sundae tweet weren't as sweet.

Musk continued being Musk and went about his life.

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