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Elon Musk's Picture from the 'Ancient Times' Reveals What He Was up to in Early 90s

An old picture of Elon Musk.
(Credit: Twitter)

An old picture of Elon Musk. (Credit: Twitter)

A Twitter user shared a throwback picture of SpaceX chief Elon Musk and the tech mogul called it the 'ancient times.'

Elon Musk is always up to something on social media and the tech billionaire’s throwback pictures every now and then are quite an infotainment for netizens. In another recent throwback of Musk, a Twitter user shared a black and white image of a young Musk that has now gone viral. Sharing the image on Twitter, the user also gave a few details of how Musk’s life was back in the early 90s. In an interesting detail, the Twitter user said that Musk worked for a company that was called ‘Rocket Science’.

Taking to the microblogging site, Pranay Pathole wrote, “In the early 90s, @elonmusk worked at a videogame company in Palo Alto, where he wrote a multitasker for PC in C++ which could basically read video from a CD while running a game at the same time. The name of that videogame company was Rocket Science. Fate loves irony."

And the viral image also caught the attention of Musk himself. Taking to the tweet, Musk said, “Ancient times" and added, “Had to flip CPU registers explicitly, as the computer was so slow."


In a subsequent tweet, Musk explained that he was doing a night job at the video game company.

The image went viral in no time, with netizens expressing their likes for the throwback! One user even shared another throwback of Musk highlighting the irony of the ‘Rocket Science’.

A couple of weeks back, Elon Musk’s mother teased Twitter with another throwback of the tech mogul. His mother took to the social media site to share his computer aptitude test from his teenage years. Maye Musk shared the test result on Twitter and said that Elon was asked to reappear for the test because the teachers were surprised at such high scores, which they have never seen before!

“I found your computer aptitude test from when you were 17. If I remember correctly, they had to retest you because they had never seen such a high score,” said Maye adding, “No wonder you are such a brilliant engineer. #ProudMom.”

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first published:April 15, 2021, 08:20 IST