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Yes We Kane! Why Indians Are Rooting For New Zealand to Defeat England in World Cup Final

Yes We Kane! Why Indians Are Rooting For New Zealand to Defeat England in World Cup Final

Both England and New Zealand have defeated India in this World Cup with the latter even sending the Men in Blue crashing out of the race. But there's one team Indians are especially looking forward to lifting the 2019 trophy.

Forty seven out of forty eight cricket World Cup matches have been played so far.

The 48th and event's closing encounter happens to be between the two nations that are yet to lift the shining trophy. It's England versus New Zealand. It's the World Cup final.

July 14, 2019, will witness its first ever World Cup Champions and where to celebrate the exciting grand finale than the Home of Cricket - the Lord's, right?

But here's something you need to know as a cricket fan from India. An interesting trivia that you may have overlooked while rooting for the home team.

India's first loss in this edition of World Cup came at the hands of Eoin Morgan's England.

Kohli's Men in Blue, #1 team on the points chart and a unit backed by millions of desi fans and watchers of the sport, had to face their second defeat, a heartbreaking one, to Kane Williamson-led New Zealand in the semi-final clash, that ended the hopes for Team India of bringing their third cup home.

It was a loss hard to swallow, one that was followed by fans switching to highlights of 2011 finals where Dhoni finished the match against Sri Lanka at Wankhede with a towering six.

With some tears shed and the loss finally sunk in, Indians got back on their feet and chose to back one team in the big finale - a playing XI that also crushed their hopes of seeing Kohli lift the cup. New Zealand.

Yep, the support that has poured in favour of Kane Williamson and New Zealand from India has been unprecedented. It wouldn't be a stretch (going by tweets and social media posts) to say that the fans back home want the BlackCaps to emerge victorious in the final clash.

The sheer amount of Indians showing up even in online polls and tweets also indicates that Indians really want Kane Williamson to go for the kill.

In fact, after defeating India in the semis, a photo from Kane Williamson's Facebook account (albeit unofficial) posted on the very next day invited only positive responses from the desi cricket fans.

But why are so many Indians in favour of New Zealand, you ask?

As many posts from the Indian communtity suggests, it's the skipper Kane Williamson's cool, calm, and collected attitude in crunch games is what makes the New Zealand favourites, at least in India. His sportsmanship along with the team's stunning all-round display on the field this year were a treat to watch in the coveted event.

To be fair to them, England do have bleeding blue fans extending their support for Morgan's XI, who are expecting the English top-order to go all guns blazing in the marquee encounter. Also, the added advantage on the home turf has also made them the overall World Cup favourites.

But for now, it's India + New Zealand vs England.

Who are you supporting?