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Expectation vs. reality: 10 popular myths about college life in India that get busted in the first semester

Expectation vs. reality: 10 popular myths about college life in India that get busted in the first semester

Parties, late nights, fun vs. assignments, deadlines and exams! College isn't what most kids expect it to be.

Parties, best friends forever, cool seniors, and privacy - college seems so much fun when you're just starting off. Every 18-year-old looks forward to this journey where they know they're going to make mistakes and learn lessons for a life time. We have all been through college and made friends who turned into family in no time. There's definitely a lot of fun, but that isn't the entire picture.Before taking admission, the perception of college in every student's mind is entirely based on what they see in Bollywood movies. There's a secret hope to find your soul mate, to be coolest dude in college even after flunking papers, and classes seem to take a backseat in all of this. One week in college, and you know it is nothing like the movies. There are assignments, deadlines, and one exam after another that don't let you feel like you're out of school yet. Here are a few expectations every college student has before taking admission and finding out the reality.


Expectation: Day 1 of college: Will go to the library and catch hold of all the books the teacher mentioned in the class.

Reality: First semester exam: On checking the registers, every students realises that they don’t have complete class notes. You’ll most probably be queuing outside the photocopy shop to get copies of senior’s notes from the previous year.

Expectation: Hopes of getting placed with a fat package.

Reality: Asks questions like, “Am I allowed to sit for placements?" before the placement exams.

Expectation: Hopes to see teachers like Sushmita Sen. Or the really old teachers you can fool by walking out of class from the back door.

Reality: You have to sit through the class because the strict teachers deduct marks for attendance. Also, you have to copy an assignment that needs to be submitted by the end of the class.

Expectation: Will make a carefully planned schedule for the examinations.

Reality: Last minute study with a lot of coffee to keep you awake while writing the paper.

Expectation: Partying hard with friends all night long at the coolest pub in the city.

Reality: Hostel curfew time: 7 pm.

Expectation: Dressing up to college in the best clothes every day.

Reality: College has a uniform, and you do not have the time to worry about the clothes because you’re already late.

Expectation: Will cook a proper meal in the evening.

Reality: Maggi.

Expectation: While staying away from home, every student hopes to save money to take the girlfriend/boyfriend out for a date.

Reality: Always broke.

Expectation: Will attend all the classes for those bonus marks for attendance.

Reality: ‘Proxy laga dena yaar’, couldn’t wake up in time for class.

Expectation: Make a list of chores to be completed during the weekend from 9 am till 2 pm.

Reality: Doesn’t wake up until 2 pm.

first published:May 19, 2014, 14:34 IST