Vir Das is Being Trolled for a Joke Against Islam That He Never Made

Vir Das is being trolled for an alleged tweet against Islam which he never sent | Image credit: Twitter

Vir Das is being trolled for an alleged tweet against Islam which he never sent | Image credit: Twitter

An image of a doctored tweet in the name of Vir Das has been going viral on Twitter.


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Comedian Vir Das is no stranger to controversy and trolling on social media. The liberal stand-up artist and actor who is well known for his critical commentary on the government and other societal ills, is often targeted by right-wing trolls who make it a point to spread fake news and misconceptions about Das online.

One such incident came to light recently after Das shared an image of a tweet on Twitter. The image was photoshopped to look like a tweet by Vir Das from 2011. The doctored tweet was shared by an account held by a user named 'Man Banarasiya'. He claimed that the tweet had been deleted by Das after he posted it in 2011.

In the doctored tweet, Das seems to have joked, "I think Islam is more about business than religion as it talks about Prophet".

The tweet was shared by Man Banarasiya, who claimed that "Brave comedian Vir Dar deleted this tweet. Does anyone know why?"

He further added, "Please spread this tweet until it reaches every concerned maulana or maulvi".

As it turned out, Das never made that tweet.

"Dear Twitter," Das wrote, tagging Twitter India.

"This man is sharing a tweet he claims I 'deleted' but infact never sent. Tweet is from 2011, DP is from 2018. Full stop between date and time, he put a comma. Their graphic designer is very stoopid. Please take action," he further added.

He also pointed out that the word "business" was spelled incorrectly in the doctored tweet.

No sooner had Das posted the clarification, both the tweet, as well as Man Banarasiya's account, were promptly deleted.

The incident comes in the wake of a French teacher getting beheaded in what is being termed as an act of religious extremism. the history teacher was allegedly killed in the middle of a suburban street in Paris after he shared and discussed caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class.

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