'Feminism is Cancer': An Organisation in Karnataka Performed Puja to Eradicate 'Feminist Pisachinis'

'Feminism is Cancer': An Organisation in Karnataka Performed Puja to Eradicate 'Feminist Pisachinis'

Save Indian Family Karnataka (SIF) performed a Pindadaan and Pisachini Mukti Puja on September 22, in order to drive away the evils of feminism.


Jashodhara Mukherjee

Earlier this week the Karnataka chapter of the 'Save Indian Family', an organisation that claims to 'promote gender equality and family harmony', performed a Pindadaan and Pisachini Mukti Puja in order to "drive away the evils that are plaguing our country". However, the 'evils' that they are trying to remove included just one kind-- the feminists.

A poster that the organisation launched announcing their ritual has gone viral on social media.

The poster mentions that innocent men are being framed following the #MeToo movement, and that we have entered an era of "digital mob lynching" where men are the victims.

"Feminism in India is no longer about gender equality. It is only about seeking female dominance and oppressing men. Feminists only care about rights without any responsibilities. They want equality but they use men," a spokesperson from SIF Karnataka told News18.

He also added that feminists are "pisachinis", which basically means "evil". A quick scroll through hashtags like #FeminismPisachini and #PisachiniMuktiPuja will show similar tweets and posts, which seem to diss the female gender as a whole. There are plenty of tweets which claim that men should perform "pindadaan" (pind daan refers to last rites which are performed after their loved ones depart; it can also be thought of as salvation for the departed souls. In this context, one can assume that the ritual refers to letting go or ridding oneself of past toxic relationships or suffering caused by them). Some tweets also accuse the #MeToo and feminist movements for victimising innocent men. From the tweets, it is evident that the puja was performed in Bengaluru, although the poster mentions that it was held in different parts of the country too.

"The puja is symbolic for us. It will help get rid of this cancer (feminism); to us, the #MeToo movement is rakshasa and needs to be eradicated," the spokesperson added.  He said, "Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together." On being asked if the puja was a frequent occurrence, the spokesperson said, "We might do it again in order to eradicate the evil that is feminism."

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