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'Finding Nemo' Fans Devastated by This New 'Dark' Movie Theory

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

According to a new theory, Finding Nemo might not be so happy after all, as Nemo 'never actually existed'.

Pixar has graced our childhood with heartwarming animated films filled with several emotional moments. Such a scene was featured in Finding Nemo (2003) when the baby clownfish Nemo gets separated from its father Merlin in the Great Barrier Reef and gets abducted by a boat and sent to a dentist’s office. The film revolves around Merlin’s quest to track down his missing son. However, a rather intriguing fan theory is about the film has raised a lot of eyebrows on the internet for its dark message. According to a new theory, the film might not be so happy after all, as the hosts of the “Just the Nobodys” Podcast suggested that Nemo never actually existed. According to a report by the Mirror, the clip of the discussion was shared on TikTok where they asked if the viewers have heard of the Finding Nemo theory which will ruin their day.

Explaining the plot of the film they add that the theory implies that Nemo is was never real and only a fragment of Merlin’s imagination who was grieving over the loss of his wife and kids. The theory bears resemblance to the plot of 2001’s film A Beautiful Mind, based on the life of American mathematician John Nash.

Further backing their claim, they explained that the word ‘Nemo’ means ‘no one’ in Latin, hence; Disney is literally telling their audience that Finding Nemo translates to Finding No one because Nemo is not real. To additionally prove their claim, they analyzed why Dory, Merlin’s royal blue tang friend suffers from short-term memory loss and therefore, can’t remember that Nemo’s not real.

The newly proposed theory has left fans devastated and the clip’s views skyrocketed to over 19 million. Most of the film fanatics seemed to agree with it while others added their own hypothesis. As per the NY Post report, a fellow TikTok user wrote that clownfish kill their own and added that Merlin killed its wife and son and grieved by imagining. Second grief-stricken netizens wrote that it has ruined their whole childhood.


One user argued that it couldn’t be true and asked what about the other fish and humans that interacted with Nemo, like turtles, humans and other fishes.

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first published:June 15, 2021, 20:42 IST