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Five Mental Health Advocates on Social Media Who Don't Just 'Do It For the Gram'

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Last Updated: October 10, 2020, 10:53 IST

Image credits: Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram.

There are people whose entire focus in on mental health without ulterior motives. Instead of influencers, let’s call them mental health advocates.

Social media like Instagram can be a very negative space sometimes. With pressures around looking perfect, posting the most perfect pictures, and saying all the right things- there can be an immense pressure on individuals to seem ‘perfect’ on social media. With this, one would not think to find specks of hope or positivity in this highly commodified space.

But like everything in this world, Instagram also has its pros and cons. One big pro in favour of the platform is mental health. In recent years, a lot of work has been done to promote mental health awareness by various organisations. Celebrities and corporations- everyone wants to get in on the discussion. Though it is a good thing that they are coming forward, it may seem hollow.

After all, how much can you trust a brand promoting mental health discussions when you know their ulterior motive is to sell you their product? But there are people whose entire focus in on mental health without ulterior motives. Instead of influencers, let’s call them mental health advocates.

On this year’s World Mental Health Day, here is a list of five accounts who want conversations around mental health to take centre stage.

1. Mental Health With Sonali

Spanning from Instagram to YouTube, author and psychologist Sonali Gupta talks about how you can get help and where. She is a professional so her content is also refined.

2. TheBlueDawn56- Blue Dawn


Mental health talks often exclude a very important aspect- intersections. TheBlueDawn focusses on mental health and looks at it through an intersectional lens. The page focuses on Bahujan identities and helps those with caste identity and mental health issues.

3. TheSappyWriter- Akansha Bhatia

Akansha runs the page TheSappyWriter where she creates cute doodles to make talks around mental health a little and brighter. Almost all graphics related to mental health used in popular media features dark colours, tears, and an overall grim vibe. Her creations are almost cheerful but they talk about the most serious issues.

4. awkwardgoat3- Divija Bhasin

Divija’s content is centred around therapy, mental illness, and “trying to debunk myths that exist in our society due to lack of awareness.” She promotes people to seek professional help as well as make them understand the importance of therapy. She can help you connect with therapists and psychologists.

5. Ayushee Ghoshal

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Hi. I have never done a get to know me on this page before. So just few random facts about me: 1. I studied BBA LLB at Christ University, Bangalore. I am a lawyer, but I quit law to pursue screenwriting, poetry and acting. I am a full time writer and actor now. My first credited work (additional screenplay and dialogues) was Ragini Mms 2. I have also done tons of uncredited writing but you will be seeing my credited shows soon . 2. I wrote my first full length poetry book at the age of 21 published by @half_baked_beans . I wrote this book when I was clinically depressed. It went on to become an amazon best seller. It is called #4amconversations. It is available on Amazon and Kindle. However, the best seller tag doesn't matter to me as much as the fact that it helped me connect with the most beautiful souls. . 3. 4 AM Conversations is also an Audio book available on @storytel.in and is one of the few books where the writer has narrated it. I have given my voice for the poems. Check it out ❤️ . 4. I have published around 4 short stories in international and national short stories anthologies between the year 2013-2016. . 5. I have survived social anxiety and stage fright to become a performer and spoken word artist ❤️ And no, this isn't the romanticised version of stage fright you see in movies. This is the kick in the gut, throw up in the washroom, cry in fear kind of stage fright where the thought of opening your mouth makes you dizzy. . 6. I became vocal about mental health while battling generalized anxiety disorder, clinical depression and fibromyalgia. (i am still fighting it out) and I just want people to know that there is absolutely no shame in having a mental illness. I simultaneously believe that the diseases we battle should not become our identity. We are much more than our sickness. I am sharing all this here because I have always been too embarrassed to acknowledge the stuff I do. Just putting it out as a reminder to myself. To the small fam here, tell me a random thing about yourself that you are super proud of. Let's love ourselves harder ❤️I #AyusheeGhoshal #AyuOkay #selflovetime #impostersyndrome

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Ayushee is a screenwriter who helps come to terms with their mental health by sharing her personal struggles with anxiety and depression. “Mental health is as important as physical health and often the most ignored part of our body,” she says. Through poetry, body positivity affirmations and openness of her own fight with the invisible enemy, she hopes to lessen the stigma around mental health conversations.

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