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France May Have Won the FIFA World Cup, But Putin's Umbrella was the Real Show Stealer

France May Have Won the FIFA World Cup, But Putin's Umbrella was the Real Show Stealer

Win the world cup, but not shelter from the rain.

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: July 16, 2018, 10:20 AM IST
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You may have predicted France's win at the FIFA World Cup 2018 last night, but predicting inclement weather is something most weather guys also probably didn't see.

At the award ceremony after France's win, it became obvious that no one had predicted the rain, owing to the sheer lack of umbrellas that were present, leaving the world leaders to get soaked - except Putin.

World Cup - Final - France v CroatiaWorld Cup - Final - France v Croatia

Image credits: Reuters

While most of the presidents, including Croatia's president stood in the line to shake hands, got drenched by the sudden downpour, Putin was covered, quite literally, by an umbrella.

While the rain was temporary, in the brief span from when it started, Putin had an attendant rush over to cover him with an umbrella, while the rest of the presidents got drenched in the rain.


Image credits: Reuters

Twitter speculated how miraculously the one umbrella that was present for a rare case of rain made its way to Putin, and not anybody else, even after the rain started pouring down.

Even though Putin was right next to the other presidents, (who were getting soaked) he didn't offer them the small circle of shelter under his umbrella.

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Twitter, however is terribly impressed by Putin, or Putin's staff to accurately predict the weather.

But it does raise a question - why was everyone left to soak?

And after everyone finally got an umbrella - the real winners of the match were still left without any.

But as this Twitter user points out, the umbrella was the priority - the trophy ceremony, much less.

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