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French Minister Names Cat 'Brexit' After She 'Meows To Be Let Out, Then Stays Put'

French Minister Names Cat 'Brexit' After She 'Meows To Be Let Out, Then Stays Put'

'He wakes me up with this meowing to be let out, then stays put,' France's EU Minister Nathalie Loiseau said of the indecisiveness nature of her cat.


Raka Mukherjee

'Brexit' has become more than just a buzz word now, as it has moved on from being just the act of Britain leaving the European Union, to becoming a cultural phenomenon in itself.

And while it has inspired several jokes, France's EU Minister has taken it to the next level by naming her cat 'Brexit' owing to its indecisive nature.

Speaking to French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, Nathalie Loiseau, who is in charge of France’s preparation for Britain’s depature, said, ‘He wakes me up every morning meowing to death because he wants to go out.

Loiseau said ‘And then when I open the door he stays in the middle, undecided, and then gives me evil looks when I put him out.

Loiseau is set to be the top candidate for Emmanuel Macron’s party in the upcoming European Parliament elections, where she will go head-to-head with Marine Le Pen. She has also been critical of the Brexit move, and said “No deal would be better than a bad deal”.

Her comment about the same comes after the British Parliament narrowly rejected leaving the European Union without an exit agreement last week.

However, Loiseau is not the only EU minister to make a joke on Brexit this week. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte compared Theresa May to the 'Black Knight' from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In the movie, the Knight continues fighting despite having one of his limbs chopped off one, by one, pretending like nothing is wrong.

‘She reminds me occasionally of that character from Monty Python where all the arms and legs are cut off but he then tells the opponent: ‘Let’s call it a draw.’ he was quoted saying.

For everyone who's not seen the movie, here it is, summed up.

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