Friendship Day 2020: Here is How Children Can Keep the Bond Thriving in Pandemic

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Ways that will not only keep your child engaged but will also help him or her in knowing ways in which they can interact during tough times.

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Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Usually, people tie a friendship bands to their friend’s wrist to celebrate the day.

As the name suggests, the day is meant to honor a bond as beautiful as friendship.

However, during these unprecedented times, it is rather difficult to be able to meet friends. A task that is quite difficult for adults is certainly tougher for children. More so, because children aren’t so used to virtual interaction.

But, if you’re looking for a way to make sure that your child doesn’t lose friends due to the pandemic, here are a few things that you can do as advised by expert Eileen Kennedy-Moore.

1. Make your child familiar with virtual interactions, so that he or she can talk to his or her friends over a video call. Maybe, you can organize virtual friends to meet up with their other friends.

2. Plan ideas with them about how they can meet and interact with friends in person after the lockdown norms are eased. Children coming up with their ideas will not only give them more time to bond but will also make them bring out their creativity.

3. Teach them online etiquette. Make them aware of how to react when the other person has not responded. Tell them how important it is to be as kind and polite during a virtual interaction as they would be during an in-person meeting. This will be important as they will know how to respond if something doesn’t go as planned; which

will eventually lead them to not losing on friends.

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