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Friendship in Times of Pandemic: How To Stay Connected With Your Buddies amid Social Distancing

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

Amid pandemic, miss celebrating friendship day 2020? Here are the ways to stay social and make the best of friendship day with your buddies virtually.

Our usual life included having a 9-5 office hour, meeting up with our friends, and going to parties on weekends. However, everything seems to have come at a standstill, all due to this unexpected and unwanted coronavirus pandemic.

Apart from missing the street-side and restaurant food, what we missed the most during these last few tough days were our friends. It definitely becomes exhausting to be not able to meet the buddies and share all your life problems or happiness with them.

If you are also someone who is having a major FOMO (fear of missing out) due to not being able to meet your friends, we might have some ways of relief for you during these isolation times.

1. Video calling: Meeting your friends physically gives a different joy altogether, however in these difficult times, you can easily manage by looking at their faces using video calls. You can stay together just like normal life, without physical touch.

2. Connecting with neighbors: We have been so busy making friends at colleges and universities, that most of us have forgotten the old-age charm of getting along with those who live next door. Take some time out to connect with people living next to you.

3. Engage with people having similar interests: These days, we are left with abundant time to join a leisure class that matches with our hobbies. Apart from earning a learning experience, you also get to make friends who have similar interests.

4. Books and friendship: Needless to say, books are our greatest buddies. They impart you a great deal of knowledge without asking anything in return. More so over, you never feel alone or bored in their company.