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'Game of Thrones' Season Finale: What We Read Between the Lines

'Game of Thrones' Season Finale: What We Read Between the Lines

This finale easily qualifies as the best till date!

The sixth season of 'Game of Thrones' came to a close and how! We are still reeling from the many things that happened – the Tyrells were wiped out with the Faith Militant, Arya Stark served Frey Pie to Walder Frey, Daenerys Targaryen started sailing towards King’s Landing with half of Westeros behind her and Cersei became queen after her son King Tommen committed suicide. AND WE NOW KNOW ABOUT JON SNOW! This finale easily qualifies as the best till date and we are yet to figure out how to fill our days for the next nine months up until the seventh season.

But till then, here are some observations that you are sure to have noticed – things that are huge indicators of what is yet to come.

Tyrion in love… with Daenerys?


Tyrion Lannister has been unfortunate in matters of love; from marrying a woman who was brutally raped and killed by his father to being forcibly wed to Sansa Stark. And finally Shae, a woman who hit him where it hurt most by sleeping with his father. We imagined that Tyrion may have had his fingers burnt for good.

But on Monday’s season finale, we saw the sharp and witty Lannister look lovingly at Daenerys Targaryen. As Dany joined Tyrion after breaking up with Daario Naharis, Tyrion told her that he wants to believe in her with all his being. Later, as Dany made him the Hand of Queen, his face betrayed a tremendous set of emotions – here he was, being trusted by probably the most powerful woman in the world, whereas all he got back home was hatred and pity. Also mixed in that sense of pride somewhere (we swear we saw it), was a longing for the silver haired queen. The way his eyes lingered on her face a minute too long, we doubt it was just admiration for the young queen he was about to serve.

If the visions seen by Dany are to be believed, then the dragon that will have three heads can well be explained with Dany, Jon Snow (who we now know is half Targaryen and half Stark) and Tyrion, who could become Dany’s husband or simply rise in position in the future.

Cersei Lannister, the new Mad Queen?

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The golden haired Queen Regent lost her third and last child, King Tommen, in the season finale and with that, the only thing that tied her to humanity was lost. Having burned the Sept of Baelor down along with thousands in it, Cersei has already proved her potential at being ruthlessly evil. Pouring red wine all over Septa Unella and giving her to Ser Robert Strong (the zombie Mountain) while chanting ‘Shame, shame’ is just an example of how calmly epic she is at being villainous.

With self preservation as the only aim, the all-powerful Cersei now sits on the Iron Throne and by the looks of it, doesn’t care if twin and lover Jaime Lannister approves or not.

It is common knowledge that Cersei has always sounded scarily similar to the Mad King Aerys – she has spoken of burning cities down previously too, but this time, she acted upon it with great badassery. Now with all her children gone, there is absolutely nothing to stop her from wreaking havoc. Unless Daenerys reaches Westeros real soon and unleashes her own kind of crazy.

Sansa Stark does not paint a pretty picture


The young Stark woman who started the series with stars in her eyes is now a cold blooded creature, having watched her tormentor be eaten by hounds with shameless joy. Sansa has come a long, long way in just one season. Ever since she escaped from the Boltons, she treated her new lease in life as YOLO – plotting revenge, motivating the resurrected Jon, rallying the North behind them and finally, playing the game she learned from Littlefinger so well, by bringing in the Vale knights to win the battle for Winterfell.

It will be interesting to see what Sansa’s plans are here on. Littlefinger, who asked for Sansa’s hand for bringing in the army from Vale, is not going to get the payback he so madly desires. She called the picture of Littlefinger ruling Westeros with her by his side nothing but a ‘pretty picture’.

Infact, Littlefinger failed to play his game of influence with her either. When he tried to egg her on to become the Lady of Winterfell instead of her brother Jon, she not only brushed it aside but was seen smiling happily when the Northerners chose Jon as their king. Sansa Version 2.0 is cold, proud, angry and calm. And she means business.
first published:June 28, 2016, 18:07 IST