Gamer's Live Streaming Video Captures Exact Moment 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Turkey

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

An earthquake of massive 7.0 magnitude hit parts of the country on Friday, October 30.

Live television has always brought the latest news and developments across the world, but live streaming is now for everyone with a stable internet connection and a camera.

While hoping to gain clout for his gaming skills, a Gamer has gone viral for a completely different reason- live streaming horrific Turkey earthquake.

An earthquake of massive 7.0 magnitude hit parts of the country on Friday, October 30. The Izmir province was badly hit, home of the gamer with the screen-name Falconn2K. He was live streaming on the popular streaming website, Twitch. There were many fans watching the teenager play a live video game and their comments can be seen on screen. Then suddenly, the boy starts looking around with a panicked look on his face.

Soon, the video starts shaking as his whole room vibrates almost violently. He removes his wired headphones and runs out, probably to alert his family and can be heard shouting in the background. From the windows, a few dog barks and human scream can be heard in the distance. The room shakes hard; the chair which he vacated bounces up and down. The camera shakes (due to the table quaking) and the whole room seems to be rocking like a boat caught in a sea-storm. Apart from the human and animal noises, a few cracking noises can be heard, possibly from falling objects inside and outside the building.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Guardian News channel. While only 44 seconds long, it is quite horrifying to see the event happen live and the young boy panic.

While most comments on the video were serious, like:

“Dude same thing happened to me here in Samos. Stay safe.”

“My Condolences to Turks, Who Lost Family Members & Speedy Recovery to the Survivors.”

Some took the opportunity to crack jokes:


“I guess now I know how to say earthquake in Turkish.”

One user commented, “Yup, that's a 7.0 quake for ya! Video of shaking is 40 seconds long, but the shaking wasn't done. I'd like to see the entire video” which is factually true.

According Turkish media reports, nearly 196 aftershocks were felt from the heartquake with the epicentre 14 kilometres (nine miles) off the Greek town of Karlovasi on Samos. Small Tsunamis were triggered by the quake, flooding streets in coastal regions. At least 12 have died while more than 400 have been injured in Turkey. In Greece, two teenagers were killed in Samos. More details are awaited.

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