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Gamers Recreate Taj Mahal on Minecraft in 1:1 Ratio, Picture Goes Viral

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Last Updated: July 04, 2021, 11:24 IST

Taj Mahal recreated on Minecraft. 
(Credit: Twitter/Reddit)

Taj Mahal recreated on Minecraft. (Credit: Twitter/Reddit)

Minecraft recreation of Taj Mahal in 1:1 ratio is now going viral.

Putting one’s creativity amid covid-19 to use, a YouTuber is going viral for building a replica of the Taj Mahal on the popular video game Minecraft. The picture was uploaded on Reddit in a 1:1 ratio and the creator, Youtuber PippenFTS is on a mission to plot the entire planet on the game under the project head Build the Earth (BTE). The initiative was started by the blogger last year in March to let people kill the pandemic blues and encourage them to build tens and hundreds of beautiful cities, monuments, popular shows like Game of Thrones and so on, on the game. However, the ultimate task of replicating the entire Earth could be a mammoth task

However, speaking to reporters, the YouTuber has said that the task isn’t very impossible as the surface area of the Earth is around 500 million square kilometres, while the surface area of Minecraft is 4 billion square kilometres. Hence, someone could actually fit eight whole planets on the game if they tried, reports Indian Express.

Explaining the details of building the monument, the Minecraft builder of the Taj, Daniel Tan said that since the Seventh Wonder of the World was not recreated in the game, he took it as one of his landmark projects. The 42-acre monument wasn’t an easy task for Tan to recreate as the monument is not pictured perfectly on Google maps and has several distortions. “I had to measure everything by myself to find out how big the complex and the buildings are,” says the Malaysian architect who never saw the Taj in real life but only got the dimensional ideas through Google map, Google images and other sources. It took Tan three months to recreate it, which he finished in December last year.

Apart from the Taj Mahal, other parts of India including Mumbai, Bangalore and Varanasi have also been replicated in the game and the makers have revealed that they indeed have bigger plans for Mumbai, reports IE.

The community has gathered over 200,000 members in the past year.

Minecraft, first made public in May 2009, is a virtually infinite Sandbox video game was curated by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios. It has now become the best-selling video game with more than 200 million copies being sold, where the players explore a generated 3D world to build earthworks, structures, and sites of their own.

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first published:July 04, 2021, 11:24 IST
last updated:July 04, 2021, 11:24 IST