Gautam Gambhir Was Spotted Wearing A Dupatta and Bindi At An Event, Here's Why

Gautam Gambhir Was Spotted Wearing A Dupatta and Bindi At An Event, Here's Why

Gambhir is leading us to be more accepting of the trans-community.

Raka Mukherjee
  • News18.com
  • Last Updated: September 14, 2018, 1:37 PM IST
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Gautam Gambhir may not be a regular sight on the cricket field anymore but he his still a regular fixture when it comes to supporting people in India.

With the Supreme Court decriminalizing Section 377 last week, Gambhir was recently spotted at an event in support of the transgender community celebrating 'Hijra Habba.'

Hijra Habba is an annual event in partnership with Alliance India, which is a non-governmental organisation operating in partnership with civil society, government, and communities to support sustained responses to HIV in India that protect rights and improve health.

Gambhir inaugurated the event, to celebrate this year's edition of 'Born this way.'

As part of this event, Gambhir sported a dupatta and a bindi.  Speaking to News18, a spokesperson for the event explained that there was a tunnel present which Gambhir had to pass through. This tunnel had several stop points or stations, where if a man entered the tunnel, he would be given a bindi and a dupatta, and if a woman entered, she would be given a mustache. They would be asked, "With this attire on, do you feel any different?" The point of this tunnel was for ordinary people to feel for a brief moment something 'other' than the conventional norm they are used to. The stations which had different exercises in them, were supposed to recreate what a transgender person in India feels like on an everyday basis. Gambhir went through this tunnel, and as part of it, wore a bindi and a dupatta.

This is not the first time Gambhir has showed support toward the trans-community. Earlier, Gambhir was also at an event for Rakshabandhan where he was tied a rakhi by transgenders.

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