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'Ghungroo' to 'Rangeelo Maro', US Dad Takes Desi Internet By Storm With Bollywood Dance Videos

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Last Updated: December 22, 2020, 14:06 IST

Image credit: ricky.pond / Instagram.

Image credit: ricky.pond / Instagram.

Ricky L Pond who regularly dances to Bollywood songs along with his children, shares videos with a family of fans on Instagram.

The love for Indian songs and films surpasses all borders. We have seen a comedian from Africa who recreated a scene from the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and have often spotted people dancing to the beats of Bollywood songs.

The new addition to the list of these people is Ricky L Pond who dances to Indian songs along with his children and shares videos with a family of fans on Instagram.

Recently, Ricky posted a video dancing with his son Dallin J Pond to a Malayalam song. Made by Neeraj Madhav, the song is “Pani Paali". Dancing in what looks like their living room, the father-son duo can be seen synchronising their moves throughout the short video.


Faizia Noorie, a follower of the ‘dancing dad’ commented, “You really enjoy Indian songs,” while another one of their followers asked Ricky to perform on a famous Tamil song called Apdi Pode.

Many followers also tagged Neeraj Madhav in the comments section of the song, hoping that he would notice the performance of Ricky on his song.

The dancer dad doesn’t only dance on the songs of his choice but also takes requests from his followers. He recently performed on the song “Rangeelo Maro Dholna" on request alongside a TikTok video of the same and got the difficult steps right.

Seeing his moves, a fan said, “Hats off to your spirit and dancing skills! Absolutely loving your footsteps on some of our most loved songs! a big hello and best wishes from India.”

Ricky also danced with his daughter Audrey Pond on the song “Ghungroo" which originally features Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan who is known for his insanse dancing skills. With a decorated Christmas tree in the background, giving viewers the vibe of festive season, the daughter father duo danced to the song.

After seeing this video, a follower asked them how they got into dancing on Bollywood numbers. Responding to the question, Audrey said that people had started sending them the videos for copying the steps so they started doing it. She added, “We don’t know much about the music except that it’s super catchy and easy to groove to.”

Apart from Indian songs, the trip has also performed on Christmas songs and of songs from Africa and Nepal. Audrey’s dad Ricky has more than 31,000 followers on Instagram.

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