Glasses Fogging While Wearing a Mask? This Doctor's 'Jugaad' Solution is What You Need

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

One user shared that rubbing liquid detergent on the glasses can also help.

It will not be an understatement to say that face masks have become as important as our mobile phones these days. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to put on a face mask whenever they step out.

However, those who wear spectacles find it difficult to also wear a face mask. When a person who is wearing glasses breathes through a face mask, the lenses get fogged and hinder vision.

But there is a brilliant solution to avoid the spectacles from getting fogged. In a tweet Daniel M. Heiferman, a doctor, shared a hack to keep your lenses fog free. The brilliant solution suggested by Daniel is that you should just put a band aid over your face mask.

This trick will stop the air that you breathe out from fogging your spectacles. It will also ensure that your face mask sticks well above your nose and does not slip down.

Sharing the brilliant idea on Twitter with a picture, Daniel said that he learned about it in the OR [operating room] and a simple band aid does wonders. “Feel free to share, it may save lives!” he said.

In Twitter language, the status ‘blew up’ and has been close to 1,50,000 times. Model Chrissy Teigen retweeted Daniel’s trick and said, “damn this is why you [are] a doctor and I am I don’t know.”

A person thanked Daniel for this tweet and said that this trick is genius.

Another man named William Ricker also thanked Daniel and provided a solution of his own. “Also, ivory soap. Thin lines drawn as grease pencil both sides of lens, buffed clear,” he said. William added that he learnt this trick while shovelling snow in the 60s.

One user shared that rubbing liquid detergent on the glasses can also help.

One person said that paper tape works the same and is cheaper than band aids. However, Daniel said that he used a clear Tegaderm (a type of adhesive dressing) but that left his skin irritated.

Many found the trick useful because fogging troubles most of those who wear spectacles.

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