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Google Lets You Recreate Gabbar Singh's Iconic Scene From 'Sholay'

YouTube Screenshot / Sholay.

YouTube Screenshot / Sholay.

Love 'Sholay' and Gabbar Singh? Here's a cool trick you can do using Google.


Anurag Verma

Google loves Sholay. You can Google it.

The search engine giant and Easter eggs go hand in hand. Back in April, Google sent the Avengers: Endgame fans screaming after it let users "snap" their search results with the words "Thanos".

But Google isn't just a Hollywood fan. It is equally desi at heart. And what better movie to add to its long Easter egg list than Sholay, right?

Written by Salim-Javed, Sholay remains a timeless classic even after all these years. Released on August 15 1975, the Ramesh Sippy creation has transcended through generations. It gave us memorable characters and iconic dialogues - that became a part of the meme culture and movie references long before it was cool and the Internet thing. And today, Sholay turned 44!

"Jab baccha raat ko rota hai toh maa kehti hai bete soja, soja nahin toh Gabbar Singh aa jaayega."

Rings a bell? Of course, it does.

Sholay gave us Gabbar Singh, the immortal villain. With him came the epic dialogues - some of which have even been used during elections and public cleanups, more than 40 years after Amjad Khan delivered them on the big screen.

But now, Google will let you recreate one of the scenes of Gabbar Singh right on your desktop and phone screens. Yep.

Type: "कितने आदमी थे (Kitne aadmi the?)" on your Google search box and it'll open a calculator giving the result as "2", exacting a scene from Sholay where Gabbar grills his dacoit army.

kitne aadmi the

We are unsure if this cool trick is new or has been around for a while but it was brought to our attention by Reddit user u/guntavia.

Redditors were bamboozled too. And these were some of the comments on the thread.

"I thought it was fake, apparently checks out in the hindi font.

Holy shit Google!

This is perfect for my family WhatsApp group, thanks

Pichai be like "We use on device machine learning to understand what people are thinking".

I wonder how many such hidden Easter eggs are there in Google."

You can check it here: कितने आदमी थे

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