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donald trump india visit

Google Reveals How People Have Searched For More 'Good' in 2018 Than Ever Before

Google Reveals How People Have Searched For More 'Good' in 2018 Than Ever Before

2018, you did good.

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: December 13, 2018, 8:35 AM IST
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2018 has certainly been a long and confusing year. It has seen a lot of ups and downs, and if you're following the news, and you happen to look back at the year that is about to end, you may be very confused.

While 2018 saw a lot of hatred and violence, like Trump separating families at the border, and California wildfires, it also saw a coming together of people in dire times, and trying to cope with tragedy. It also showed us that no matter how bleak the situation may seem, humans are still good at heart.

'Google's Year in Search' in 2018 shows exactly this - how this year's search results had more 'good' in them than anything else. People searched on how to be 'good': 'good things in the world', 'how to be a good citizen', 'a good singer', 'a good kisser', 'what makes a good friend', 'what makes a good teacher,' 'how to be a good role model' - all things that make your life a little more positive.

The video shows moments in the year, which people will recognize - From a deaf child hearing his mothers voice for the first time, to people's rescue operations for California wildfires, to the Thai Cave rescue operation, to the huge voter turnout in the US, an all Asian cast for a movie, to Naomi Osaka winning the cup, and the tributes for people like Stephen Hawking and George H. W. Bush, and even the yodeling kid from Walmart.

On an everyday basis, perhaps, we seem to miss all the good in the world. The video shows us how perhaps, even in times of adversity, there is good - if only one makes the effort to look for it.

Watch the video below, but PSA, you may melt a little inside while watching it.

A sentence in the video perhaps stands out the most - "The world is filled with people trying to do the best they can." 2018, you did good.

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